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COVID-19 Health Checker App for Business

Want a simple way to get your employees back into the office?

Why not use this app to to ask them to complete a simple health questionnaire from the safety of their homes or phones.

By pre-screening employees, an organization can reduce the chances of affected employees returning to work prematurely.

Users launch the app from a browser or phone.
They complete a simple survey and instantly see the results.

admins only





Screening Personnel Features

At a glance, restricted users can see the questionnaire's pass/fail results in the form of a heat map.

At a work entrance or from a manager's desk, screening personnel can check individual results by searching for an employee prior to entering or as they enter a
work location

Use Cases

Workers Returning to an Office Location

that has a Security Desk

Staff take the home screener before leaving for work each day. If they fail the test, they are instructed to stay home. 

Workers Returning to an Office Location with no security desk

For organizations with no entryway security, workers take

the test from home and those that fail are requested to stay at home.  Administrative personnel can monitor these results and address any violations of policy. 

As staff arrive, security desk personnel can look up the person's test results and admit or deny their entrance based on their pass/fail history.

This can also be complimented with on-premises infrared thermometers.

Trained Medical Professionals Screening at a Job Site 

professionals, these professionals can medically screen and interview incoming workers, and then record results in the app with no need for any paperwork.

Results are reported to management for analysis and action.

For job sites with screening administered by trained medical 


  • Customer or vendor-hosted options.

  • Simple installation for customer-hosted option.

  • Retains history as per customer policy.

  • Customizable questions and temperature thresholds.

  • Customizable pass/fail policies.

  • Early detection of test failures can allow management to predict and react to staffing shortfalls.

  • Free email-based support


Cost per Screened Person

$1 per User / Month


  • HIPPA-compliant

  • Fully compliant with the CDC's Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus [COVID-19]*

* Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus [COVID-19]

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