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Teams, Slack and Spark: A product comparison

In our previous post, “Filling the communication and collaboration gap” we walked through how the evolution of Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) services and the Enterprise Collaboration Market (ECM) are not only inevitable, but already happening – and at a rapid pace.

Disruptive newcomers have dominated persistent messaging collaboration almost by accident. Slack, for example, went from a consumer-facing messaging tool to a widely adopted enterprise app. Recognizing the opportunity, Slack put resources behind its new Enterprise Grid product with enterprise and communication feature additions. For Slack and other Johnny-come-latelies, the sky was the limit.

Traditional UCC vendors took notice of this quick success. But just to be sure their arrival was noted, Slack published a “welcome” letter to Microsoft in the New York Times. An excerpt:

“We’re glad you’re going to be helping us define this new product category. We admire many of your achievements and know you’ll be a worthy competitor. We’re sure you’re going to come up with a couple of new ideas on your own too. And we’ll be right there, ready.”

Competition and choice are always good for the customer. Slack, Teams and Spark have established themselves as leaders of the pack and below we’ve provided an abbreviated comparison of the products.

Our new whitepaper, “The Next Big Thing: Truly Unified Communication & Collaboration” offers an extended, more in-depth comparison of these products, as well as how Teams will exist in the Office365 ecosystem, what lies ahead for the product, security implications, and implementation considerations.

Contact us directly for a consultation or download our new whitepaper to see the full comparison of how these products stack up in terms of:

  • Video and screen sharing

  • Telephony

  • Persistent chat

  • External sharing

  • Overall user experience

  • App ecosystem

  • Office productivity and content management; and

  • What the future holds for these products


Enterprise features:


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