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its not just a plan!

Governance Automation

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M365 Governance Automation Report

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Governance is Essential

Communication and collaboration environments have left the safe space of locked-down office environments.


Microsoft adds services, capabilities and governance features to M365 at a dizzying pace.


Services such as Microsoft Teams and the Power Platform can empower business users to create business solutions without IT involvement.

Most organizations realize that governance is needed, but are not sure where to start, while other organizations have outdated plans or procedural and automation gaps.

Threat vectors are multiplying...

Problems Start where Governance Stops

  • A lack of consistent structure and visual design creates an environment where finding information becomes difficult.

  • Duplication of content and sites leads to errors and inefficiency.

  • Uncontrolled growth of sites becomes difficult and time consuming to manage.

  • A lack of consistency and visibility in how permissions are managed may result in security vulnerabilities and a lack of access to content when needed.

  • Inefficiency and lack of transparency of administrative activities.

How we can Help

Governance is not just a Plan


In our experience, most organizations are focused on producing a solid governance plan. There are dozens, if not hundreds of articles and books on how to produce M365 governance plans


However, we find that nearly every organization that we speak with has a poor understanding of the software tools that are available to support governance.

We can help your organization to put a comprehensive governance system in place.


Governance Automation Pillars

If you're interested in learning more, feel free to contact us via the information in this page's footer or check out these resources:

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