its not just a plan!

Having a tough time corralling your O365 Workspaces?

Governance is Essential

With the addition of Teams to SharePoint and OneDrive, O365 now offers a trio of technologies to support digital workspaces. Digital workspaces can be a particular governance challenge as they are numerous and elements of governance are best delegated to workspace owners who are typically not technical. 

Microsoft Teams has accelerated the proliferation of collaboration workspaces in enterprises, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, it also added complexity, making governance even more important and challenging.

Most organizations realize that governance is needed, but are not sure where to start, while other organizations have outdated plans or procedural and automation gaps.

Problems Start where Governance Stops

  • A lack of consistent structure and visual design creates an environment where finding information becomes difficult.

  • Duplication of content and sites leads to errors and inefficiency.

  • Uncontrolled growth of sites becomes difficult and time consuming to manage.

  • A lack of consistency and visibility in how permissions are managed may result in security vulnerabilities and a lack of access to content when needed.

  • Inefficiency and lack of transparency of administrative activities.

How we can Help

Governance is not just a Plan

The Plan

A governance plan outlines the policies and

procedures for provisioning, ensuring compliance and supporting the life cycle of workspaces. We bring sample governance plans and years of best practice to help our customers craft the right plan.


Many governance plans fail because of a lack of

written procedures to support it. We have a library of procedures to meet most needs. 

An organization may have the right plan, tools,

and procedures, but you must also have the right team in place: Our team understands the plan, procedures and tools, and is adept at executing within SLAs. 

The Team

is a new experience, built from the ground-up to

replace the classic experience, offering better performance, responsiveness, usability and aesthetics.


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