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Teams Rollout & Training

Teams Benefits


Content in Context

Conversations, documents, media, structured content and meeting artifacts are all stored within the context of a team or project - you'll always know where our content resides.


Available on All Devices 

A Desktop Application, a browser version and a fantastic mobile app. No need to sacrifice on features, regardless of the device type.


All-in-One Communications Platform

Native and 3rd-party PSTN telephony, voice mail, PBX integration, ad-hoc messaging, and group messaging are all natively supported in Teams.


Email Reduction

Customers report dramatic reductions in internal emails when Teams is widely adopted.


Expandable & Customizable Workspace

Hundreds of applications can be added to Teams, custom chat bots can be added, Power Platform applications can be integrated, business intelligence, task management, etc.



Organizations can allow users to create and manage their own collaboration workspaces without requiring direct IT involvement.


Enterprise Features

All content is stored within established Office 365 silos, enabling O365 enterprise features such as data loss prevention, legal hold, eDiscovery, audit, regulatory compliance, and more.

Rollout Tips


Remove the Confusion

End users often struggle with understanding where documents belong: Teams, SharePoint, or OneDrive? We spend time and effort to ensure that users clearly understand this.



Teams training is a key component of any Teams rollout plan. Additionally, a Teams-based center for Teams learning is a standard technique of ours.


Form an Influential Steering Group

One key to a successful Teams rollout is to form a steering committee for the rollout project. This group should participate in a pilot project and should help to proselytize Teams use in your organization.


Implement a Governance System

Teams lends itself to self-service workspace creation and management. This is great for the user, but leads to challenging administration problems.

To address these issues, we need a solid governance system. Click here to read our white paper on workspace governance software tools that are available to help.


Run a Pilot Project

A great way to generate excitement and to test your rollout processes and materials is to run a pilot project.

The people involved in your pilot project become your Teams champions, so pick this group carefully.

Click here to contact us and find out how we can help you to roll Teams out to your organization.

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