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Microsoft 365 Migrations

M365 Migration Tool Strategy Session

Let's check out some demos

and do some solutioning!


Report on all 21 M365 migration tools 

compared across 51 feature dimensions

and 60 data sources


We use the right tools to migrate

on-premises and cloud content

to Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive


Click here to learn about how we migration custom applications

What Do we Migrate?


What is Our Approach?


Select the Right Migration Tool 

Some tools are free, some tools migrate permissions, some convert pages, some don't. Some tools are low-cost-per GB, others fixed price. We design a tool strategy that fits with your unique needs, often employing more than 1 tool to handle unique wrinkles and to keep costs down.


Large Migration Performance

Large content migrations can significantly degrade corporate network performance and take far too long.

We understand how to maximize migration throughput while avoiding Microsoft's throttling, and we know when to use Azure Data Boxes to minimize corporate network use.    


Content Owner Engagement 

When shared group content is being moved, the human element becomes the most critical part of the projects. We employ a 7-step approach to coordinating a migration with stakeholder groups.


Our Approach to Migrating Custom Applications 

click here to visit our page dedicated to our approach to custom application migrations.


Fixing Inter-Document Links

Most tool auto-correct links in pages and menus post-migration, but have no ability to fix links between documents.

Click here to learn how we partnered with Replace Magic to offer inter-document link fixing.


Incremental / Delta Migrations

Did you know that most O365 migration tools support delta migrations? Using a delta migration strategy, we move a group or a user's content early in the project and refresh the content with an incremental migration at a later time. 

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