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Modern, Quick & Responsive Intranets

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Distributed Logic Corp. creates customized platforms to support your staff and facilitate their ability to carry out tasks and responsibilities.


Team communication and collaboration is key to enterprise success. Employee productivity is predicated on the ability to connect with colleagues throughout the organization and to access information.


We create a user interface that allows your staff to access policies, procedures, forms, templates, and other corporate resources efficiently. Using our in-house digital design resources (or in collaboration with a firm of your choice), we build visually engaging platforms that incorporate your brand standards, capture social interactions, and increase adoption among your employee base.

What Makes a Great Intranet?

A Sense of Community: A sense of community encourages better teamwork, a shared sense of purpose, and improved employee engagement and loyalty. You're intranet should be an important place that people from across your organization can come together and interact.

Must-Have Resources: The number one way to drive staff to your intranet? Have all of the policies, procedures and tools in a central, handy place. Emphasis on the word "handy" here: We have some neat tools, including proprietary tools to help locating resources intuitive, even for new staff.

One-Stop Shop for Corporate Communications: No more company-wide email blasts. An intranet should provide a variety of real-time channels to share corporate news.

Support for your Culture: As more and more business awaken to the power of culture in business, the ability for your intranet to support culture has become a primary driver for many of our customers. 

Why Build Intranets on Office 365?

The New Modern User Experience

is a new experience, built from the ground-up to

replace the classic experience, offering better performance, responsiveness, usability and aesthetics.

Social Capabilities

Office 365 offers a broad range of support for

building a sense of community with features such as event photos, even calendars, public microblogs, feedback forms, polls, awards, user presence, and more. 

Any Device, Anywhere

Build it once and user it everywhere: The 

modern UI is built from the ground up to be responsive and to allow authors to add content without fear of interfering with page rendering on any device. No need to login in to your VPN or be on your corporate network.


The modern UI offers a support for authoring

of news and rendering in a variety of formats, including carousels, tiles, and more. Supports authoring across the enterprise with advanced roll-up capabilities.

Searching & Tagging

SharePoint offers one of the industry's best

enterprise search capabilities. Combine this with advanced metadata enrichment capabilities to create custom search-based apps.


For $0 to $5 per month per user, an

organization can offer SharePoint along with OneDrive. These services are often bundled with other Office 365 services such as Exchange, so its possible that you already have all the licenses that you'll need.

Forms & Workflow Integration

Integrate business processes into your intranet

Use the Power Apps forms tool and the Power Automate workflow engine to create business processes that are must-have for users. What better way to dive Intranet traffic?

Audience Targeting & Personalization

You can setup dynamic, real-time groups

and to the, you can target news, documents, search results and pages.

Identity Management Capabilities

SharePoint can integrate with one or more

external systems to provide information and photos for SharePoint's social features. These systems may include Active Directory, other LDAP directories, HR systems, and more.

Extensible Platform

Want to integrate with 3rd-party systems, build

forms and workflow applications or create custom solutions? Office 365 offers a variety of tools such as Business Connectivity Services, SPFx framework apps and extensions, Power Apps and Power Automate.

Widgets, Widgets, Widgets

We have a database and working demos for

hundreds of out-of-the-box, custom and 3rd-party components that add that Wow! factor to your intranet. We carefully curate our knowledge base to ensure that we only recommend components that work well and are backed by enterprise support.

Support for Extranets

Have a business partner that you want to 

share an Intranet with? Office 365 allows the federation of accounts across enterprises, allowing 2 organizations to share the same intranet without compromising security.


SharePoint offers excellent out-of-the-box

support for the hearing and visually impaired and is transparent to accessibility scanners, allowing you to tweak your content and choice of components based on scanner results. Keep in mind that your content still needs to be made accessible :)

What is our Secret Sauce?

We improve our approach, process and tools with every intranet project that we build,

and we've built many, many intranets!

We bring a database of hundreds of out-of-the-box, custom and 3rd-party components

Our database includes extensive analysis on hundreds of web parts across 35 categories, with detailed feature / function breakdowns, pricing, vendor conversations, implementation and configuration details, and more.

In addition to our database of components, we have dozens of live web parts in our demo site

Our demo site has several dozen of our favorite modern web parts configured and with real content. This site is an excellent aid when we collaboratively evaluate components for your intranet. 

Our Proven Process

Our Proven Process

Transparency & Communication

Cadence meetings, huddles, meeting minutes, status reports, financial burn rates, and time tracking. You'll always know what we are working on and what its costing you.

White Glove Service

We strive to achieve the wow-factor with our IT customers and end-users by consistently providing best-in-class service.

Fun @ Work

At Distributed Logic, we have 20% more fun than our competitors. OK, we made that up, but we do have fun! Who wants to deal with someone who doesn't love their job?

Kaizen & Systemization

We try to systematize everything we do and we use Kaizen to always incrementally improve.

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